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Official music video for
"Parasitoid" (2014)

Official lyric video for
"The Mirror" (2013)

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9.10.2015 Vastavirta Tampere with Kilt., Awake Again
5.9.2014 Bar Loose Helsinki with KlubiKirves, Devenial Verdict, Medicated
30.8.2014 Nuclear Nightclub Oulu with Clock Paradox
8.8.2014 O'Hara's Tampere with Peekaboo Primate
7.6.2014 Välibaari Lempäälä with Humanwires, Entitas Mortis, Diviner and Raavittu. Leka-bandstand, short set
24.5.2014 Jäähalli Pirkkala Pelmurock with Raavittu, Nicolas Kivilinna Yhtyeineen, Sähköinen Ääliö, The Cowerpoint, Ahola.
6.3.2014 Torvi Lahti with Ghost Voyage
22.2.2014 Club Liberté Helsinki with Ghost Voyage, Medicated, IA
8.2.2014 Rock Bar Zoom Hyvinkää with Refusal
7.2.2014 Varjobaari Tampere with Ghost Voyage
4.1.2014 O'Hara's Tampere with Oceanwake (Of Wings Unfolding record release party)
19.12.2012 Klubi Tampere TMNT Ry:n Musta: Dr Napalm and his infernal ukulele, Antimantra, Vala, The Jasser Arafats
9.11.2012 O'Hara's Tampere with Nautilus
18.8.2012 Laikunlava Tampere Rock Picnic: Silene, Iloinen painajainen, Egokills
22.3.2012 Jack the Rooster Tampere with Avenie, Amendfoil
1.3.2012 Pub Las Vegas Tampere with Trail of Life Decayed
11.5.2007 Rock Bar Heaven Nokia with Hangman
18.12.2004 Narvan Seurojentalo Vesilahti with Melankolik, Fobia
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Finnish alternative metal act Skein released its debut album "Of Wings Unfolding" on 4th of January 2014 via Giant Monkey Music.

Produced and recorded by Janne Putkisaari (Medeia) during at Penthouse Studios, Tampere, the album tells a story about fear and one man’s attempts at coping in a modern society. Alongside the album, a 36-paged novel was also published. The limited, numbered print tells the story behind the album.

Ten years after its formation, Skein is stronger than ever, hungry for possibilities to bring its music to crowds worldwide.

Skein is:

  • Sami Silvennoinen - vocals
  • Hiski Marstio - guitar
  • Jarno Ojala - guitar
  • Kari Ruissalo - drums
  • Juha Höyssä - bass


Of Wings Unfolding (2014)

Of Wings Unfolding (2014)
  1. The Fracture
  2. Larva
  3. Prey
  4. Chrysalis
  5. Parasitoid
  6. Of Wings
  7. Unfolding
  8. The Mirror
  9. Imago
  10. Aligned

LP released in 2014 by Giant Monkey Music under Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA

Produced, recorded and mixed by Janne Putkisaari

Music by Skein, Lyrics by Juha Höyssä

Children of Light (2012)

Children of Light (2012)
  1. A New Dawn
  2. Scent of Freedom
  3. Illuminated
  4. Hunters
  5. Imperium

EP released in 2014 under Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA.

Produced, recorded and mixed by Janne Putkisaari.

Music by Skein, Lyrics by Juha Höyssä and Sami Silvennoinen.

The Key: I-III (2011)

  1. The Key I: Element
  2. The Key II: Descent
  3. The Key III: Aurorae

Demo released in 2011.

Music by Skein, Lyrics by Sariina Tani.

s/t (2005)

  1. (Dance) Of Fire
  2. Benevolence
  3. Constant
  4. Malevolence
  5. Slide Foam

EP released in 2005.

Recorded and mixed by Teemu Karjalainen. Produced by Skein and Teemu Karjalainen.

Music by Skein, Lyrics by Dermot Lyons.

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